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It is so unfortunate that there are so many scam essay sites that are available on the reddit. Many students have found themselves being victims of such services. Scam sites are only after your money. Once you make a payment to them, you may not receive any paper at all, or they will offer you an inferior quality paper. At the same time, there are very legit services that are very professional and proficient at what they do. It may be quite challenging to differentiate between the legit and scam essay sites. These tips will, however, help you differentiate such sites.

Checking their websites

Checking the content of the websites is the one of the easiest ways to differentiate legit and scam essay sites. Scam essay sites will have various websites under different web addresses. Upon paying closer attention, you will notice that the content of the websites, including the range of services and the price list, is the same though they have different web addresses. For such essay sites, once you fill the order forms, you are redirected to the same place. You find the same pricelist on different websites. You also see the same feedback from customers that get published under different names. Once you notice such things for essay sites, it should be a clear indicator that the sites are a scam and you need to avoid such sites at all costs.

On the other hand, legit essay sites will have unique websites. Their websites are functional and well organized. They are also easy to use for all their customers. The information on their websites is detailed and transparent. Nothing is hidden from their customers since they have no mischievous activities going on.

Checking the systems of pricing

The pricing system of essay sites is another thing that can help you differentiate between legit and scam sites. Essay sites that offer low prices to their customers are a scam. We all know that the process of writing an essay is not easy. In any case, that is the reason you are looking for help from the essay sites. Therefore the writers who write the paper writing service reddit essays will need good pay for it, and this is catered for by the prices you get charged. How then do you expect to pay meagre costs and get good quality essays? Such low prices cannot accord the writers a decent pay for the effort, time and energy that they invest when compiling the essays. You need to beware of the sites that offer ‘free quality prices’. Such prices are only related to scam websites.

On the contrary, legit essay sites have reasonable pricing systems. Their prices are realistic; they are neither too high nor too low. They incorporate flexible pricing systems that ensure each customer gets charged according to the type of their essay. A flexible pricing system gets based on several factors that may include the type of paper, number of pages of the paper, level of study, as well as the urgency of the paper. Basing the price on such factors ensures that the prices are fair according to what the customers get. Also, they have no hidden charges, and their means of payment are convenient for most customers.

Checking out for fake essay review sites and other criminal activities

Most scam essay sites work with reddit criminals to get unmerited financial gains. One trick is that scam sites create fake review sites that rank their websites as the best one available. These reddit criminals also help the sites to get fake endorsements as well as followers on social media platforms. Most scam sites have a vast following that is unrealistic. Fortunately, this is easy to tell. There is a simple rule that if you find an essay service that has several dozens of endorsements or followers, such a service gets probably run by reddit criminals. Legit services will have genuine followers and endorsements that are reasonable.

Summarily, it is essential to check the legitimacy of essay sites to avoid falling into the trap of scam sites, and the tips above will help you differentiate between the legit and fake sites.

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