Even Health Care is Tech Savvy

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Even Health Care is Tech Savvy

If you are anything like me, then you absolutely hate going to the doctor. It isn’t the actual doctor’s visit itself that I can’t stand, but all of the waiting you have to do just to get to that point. From the moment I check-in, and this is even with an appointment, there still seems to be an extremely long wait time. I feel just defeats the purpose of having an appointment in the first place. But I guess they overbook in order to compensate for no-shows. Nevertheless, the process can be very drawn out, only to have the doctor see you for about 5 or 10 minutes.

And then, let’s hope you do not need a prescription, which you most likely will because that is another process in and of itself. At least nowadays with technology and things moving much faster than they used to, the process of getting a prescription filled has become much faster. I remember when the doctor would scribble some words on a small piece of square paper which you were instructed to take to your pharmacy. After giving the clerk that paper, you would more than likely have to come back in order to give them time to fill the prescription. In some cases, if they didn’t have the medicine that you need, you would have to either come back on another day or have another pharmacy fill it for you.

Now, the doctor no longer has to write a prescription out. He or she can just send it directly to the pharmacy of your choosing so that by the time you get home, your prescription is usually ready to be picked up. Pretty much any pharmacy in torrance is pretty good at filling prescriptions rather quickly and they usually have whatever meds I may need. While I still can’t stand going to the doctor, at least this process is taking a lot of the burden away. And with technology advancing by the day, the doctor’s visit is becoming more optional as there are many online options available.

I am still rather old school when it comes to my health care. Although I would love to have the convenience of conducting a doctor’s visit via the internet, I’m still a little unsure about it. However, this may be something that not only myself but many of us will have to use in the future. I really can see the tremendous benefits of such a service like a virtual doctor to not only the patient but the doctor as well. Who knows, I may just jump full fledge into this realm of technology sooner than later. However, as it stands, as much as I hate sitting in the doctor’s office for hours, I do still enjoy seeing the doctor face to face. I just feel that some things can’t be explained over the phone or truly understood through a screen. However, the day that we can somehow feel through our keyboards, is the day that I am all in.

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